Tyre Tips

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Driving a vehicle with improperly inflated tyres is dangerous, the proper inflation pressure's are indicated on the owners manual of the vehicle or in the front door pillar.

When inspecting tyres, you should look out for:

Uneven Tread wear - This can include more wear on the tread edge than the other, A rippled pattern of high and low wear, or exposed steel wire or nylon threads. Uneven wear can be caused by under/over inflation, improper wheel alignment and improper wheel balancing or suspension problems.

Shallow Tread - Wet grip reduces as tyre wear increases, To help you see the tread wear tyres have a built-in "Tread wear . indicators" these are narrow bars of smooth rubber that run across the tread. When the tread is nearly even with the bars, it is time to replace the tyres

Tyre wear and Tread depth

Tyre wear of your tyres should be checked periodically; If tyre wear is high Tyres should be rotated or replaced by the nearest dealer, If wear of one tyre is excessively higher than the rest of tyres the vehicle should be checked for faulty wheel alignment and suspension.

Tread depth can be checked by a Depth gauge or with the aid of the Built-in Tyre Tread wear Indicator.?

Over inflated tyres have a reduced grip and may have center wear. And the possibility of having cuts and punchers are also high o over inflated tyres.

Wheel Alignment

Improper wheel alignment may result in reduction in mileage; comfort and stability, for maximum outcome of your tyres check the wheel alignment at least once in every 3 months.

If you experience any pulling to one side o severe vibrations show the vehicle to the service station for wheel alignment.

Tyre Inflation

Driving a vehicle with improperly inflated tyres is dangerous, the proper inflation pressure's are indicated on the owners manual of the vehicle or in the front door pillar.

An under inflated tyre may not carry the designed load and break-burst after heat build up inside. This may also increase the fuel consumption.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing provides a smoother ride by minimizing the vibration and bounce. This helps improve traction, steering control and extends the life of your tyres.

But no matter how carefully wheels and tyres are balanced, they will eventually loose their balance as the tread wears the distribution of weight around the circumference of a tyre changes alteing the balance of the tyre and wheel assembly. Wheel balancing should be done every time when replacing tyres or after an repair.

Tyre Rotation / Tyre repairs

Tyre Rotation
Rotating your tyres periodically is an essential part of tyre maintenance. The main purpose of regularly rotating tyres is to achieve more uniform wear of all the tyres on the vehicle. Please refer the owner's manual for the best pattern and the period of rotation.

Tyre Repairs
Tyre repairs should only be carried out by specially trained personnel using professional equipment and this may result in the warranty being VOID, It is important to remember before any tyre can be repaired, it must be checked thoroughly to ensure it is suitable for repair, Please check the following;

Load index & Speed Rating

Load index and speed rating is embossed on the sidewall of the tyre to indicate the load applicable and the maximum speed that the vehicle can handle with the tyres.

Replacing a Tyre with a spare Tyre

You can find the instructions on how to change the Spare Tyre from the owner's manual, when using a "Go-Home" (smaller than the usual size) tyre make sure to use it with the stated speed limit and change it back to the original tyre as soon as possible.

If the tyre needed any repairing make sure that the tyre is balanced again as the imbalance weight will differ after repair.

The benefits of upsizing your tyres

Upsizing the tyres can be a easy way of upgraing the appearance and the performance of the vehicle, the original tyre fitted on the vehicle is designed to optimze the fuel consumption, traction, performance and comfort level. When you are Upsizing the tyre size can have a effect on the Ground clearence, noice and the fuel consumption of the veicle.